So I’ve been stable, then through a period of (for lack of a better term) “mental depression”, then back to stable again, then a period of pseudo-bipolarity in my posts (look back and you’ll see),and then the the zero mark (the point).

And now I’m in the good part of life again.

If you were to graph my life, it would look something like:

Graph of Life

And it appears that I had reached my f(x)=0 when my x=3.75.

Whatever that means.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, after sitting there on the couch and staring at the ceiling fan for what must have been an hour (it felt like it anyway), I suddenly had an epiphany.

Wait, Jason, you suddenly have epiphanies? Not normally? WHAT? I thought you were the “Idea Fountain” or something!

Yes. Ideas take time and inspiration. Trust me. And yes, epiphanies, at least for me, work that way.

But anyway, I suddenly realized that, “Hey, so enough about why we’re doing things in life. What am I doing?”

What am I doing to live a life to remember?

A life I won’t regret?

A life where my children can say, “Hey, look at Papa! He’s so cool!”

Okay, maybe not that far.

Hero Dad

I’ve just found one of my motives to live life.

To do something you won’t regret later on, to live a life to remember, to live a life of peace and compassion towards others- those are my reasons to live.

No one can define life or give a motive for it. No one can define the meaning of life, that is.

But each one of us can define the meaning of life for ourselves.

And I’ve just figured that out.

Not only that, we all have to define life for ourselves, one way or another. Will our definitions of the meaning of life be memorable? Admirable?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter in other people’s eyes. Society is filled to the brim with judgement. Enough of that nonsense-we aren’t all judges.

Enough of the good/bad cycles and stable/unstable moments of my life.

I know that there may be more along the way, but for now, I’m caught in the updraft.

It’s time to refresh/renew. For all of us.



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