No pictures, just text. Getting back into things.

Phew. What a relief. It’s been three or four months and silence. What happened, Jason? Where have you been?

Well, I’ll get to that. Right about now.

I started to get overloaded on my studies when I last wrote my post on faith. Seeing as it was a fitting pausing point, I decided to take the time off to focus on my studies. Why was it a fitting pausing point, you may ask? Because, hopefully, you all had faith in my return, right? Yeah, yeah, I know. Lucky coincidence.

Truthfully, after a while, I sort of forgot about the blog. Sorry.

However, I’m back now. I’ve been caught up with things. And thanks to a reader’s encouragement today, I’ve decided to get my act together and start writing again.


Anyway, here are my plans for future writing:

1. Posts may fluctuate dramatically in size now, anywhere from a sentence consisting of three words (ex. I love food) to a full-on rant about something or the other.This is due to an unpredictable workload. Don’t worry, I’ll have something here.

2. The Bridge Builder will be continued sometime in the future. It may be the next post or it may be a year from now- surprises abound if patience you’ve found (bad rhyme on my part).

3. Posts will no longer be as consistent as before (every week). I may post twice a week and skip one, or I may drop off suddenly. Again, I have an unpredictable life I’m living right now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

4. Finally, I may actually get around to finishing that “About me” page! Or not. Who knows….

So strap on your seat belts, children- it’s going to be one rough but exciting ride down the rapids.

Nice writing to you all again!

-XOXO, Jason


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