When to Stop the Creativity: Know Your Limits, Please

I know that I’ve been saying that creativity is easy and anyone can do it. This is true. However, no one is really good at all forms of creativity, unless if they’re born with it or they’re doing it just for the gain.

This isn’t in the spirit of artistic freedom. Creativity should be from the heart. The mind. The soul.

Creativity should be free.

However, some people don’t know when to stop. There are some individuals out there who think that they are still good at their craft, despite others’ protests to maybe try something different.

Who am I talking about?

Just a quick video a friend and I made to prove this concept.

Thanks to the two in the video for helping me out. The surprise is that I am one of the two in the video. Now you have a good chance to figure out who I am. Am I the actor/truly bad singer? Am I the pianist who can only play mediocre songs of today? Your guess…


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