Looking Back: Updates and Memories

Wow. It’s been ten months and I still haven’t gotten bored of writing and ranting.

It’s pretty eye-opening whenever you take a step back from your everyday life, look at how far you’ve come, and seen your falls and accomplishments.


Ten months.

Ten months of personal bests and fails, of almost making it to some goals and barely making it to others.

Let’s take a look at the ten-month history of this blog, shall we?



The first few posts on this blog were just a couple of the things running through my mind. At first, I wasn’t actually serious about posting. I really didn’t think that I would be seriously into the blog. Sure, I had thought that it was kind of cool back then.

Before I had even started, I had trouble deciding what I would want to make of this blog. I had known that some people focused their blogs on food, or crafts, or writing, et cetera. Being the spontaneous, dissatisfied, unique person that I am, I started to cross off the topics on my mental list of what my blog should focus on.

Eventually, I ran out of ideas.

As I sat staring at my computer screen, I began to question myself. Why did I want to start this blog in the first place? Why should I even write?

How would spilling out my ideas online benefit me?

Two things hit me then and there.

The first was an ad on a video on YouTube that I was watching. What the subject matter of the video was has slipped my mind, but what stood out was an advertisement for Wired’s then-new web series starring James Rolfe- Angry Nerd. I’ve got to admit, not being particularly high on the popularity meter, I got pretty much all of what he said.

Jokingly, I suggested to myself, “What if I ranted on and on in my blog? That would be hilarious.”

The second thing hit me then. I was already dissatisfied inside at the way society works. I had, previously, refused to go with the norm in doing some blog about food or pictures (not that they are bad). I wanted to ACT differently, SEE differently, and BE different.

So I’ve made my blog into a sort of outlet for myself, spilling out my weekly thoughts on society mixed with a bit of creativity here and there.

It’s like an online journal. Actually, it is an online journal of sorts. I even got into the habit of making it more personalized, more of my expressiveness, in things such as the “Random Text of the Week”, which contains little one or two-liners that have stuck with me throughout the entire week, and the “Calendar of Hilarious Holidays”, which was started after one of my friends had shown me checkiday.com, the website that I use to feature the holidays. Thanks again to that friend, who will know if he ever reads this.

Soon, I began to get more and more into writing. I started to see why people kept journals in the first place- not to look cool or organized or anything like that, but rather to empty their minds, start fresh the next day(s), and be able to look back to the past easily.


How did I come up with the cover picture? Well, when I was just starting out, I had my mind on something that suggested a childishness, an immaturity, yet still manages to say to society, “Look at me! I’m ugly and I know it! Even if you try and make me like you, I will never change! I am ME!” Not in an egotistical, narcissistic way, but in a way that celebrates our individuality and freedoms without having to conform to the norm.

At first, the blog started out as a creative blog (if you read my first two posts you would understand), but then I realized that I wasn’t really looking at society. So I started to post more about the things I see every day. Pretty soon, you’ve got stuff about how education has gone down the drain (in my opinion)  peppered with creativity and even dating tips from my Master Mentor.

Then it happened around the new year of 2014.

That was when I started to allow all of you readers to catch a small glimpse of my world, the world of the person that sits behind the computer screen typing these posts for you to read. Why I dropped off posting, and the harsh realities that I was forced to overcome. There were failures and disappointments, true. But in the end, these challenges helped me become a much more “filled” person, one missing less. One with a changed view of the world. Changed for the better.

That’s when stuff like this:

SSPstarted to pop up.

The Social Stimulus Package was formed due the fact that I was going through some of my own struggles then. I had realized back then that there were people out there who, like me, were going through some of their own hurdles.

I don’t want you guys to feel like the world’s going to end because of some mistake. So, to alleviate society’s depression, I took it upon myself to try and provide positive outlooks on life. Sure, it’s a little part, but whatever I can do to help that one person in the world feel better would make me as happy as that person. If you get what I mean.

And it is, after all, coming from a person going through struggles himself.

intermural project site coverSo the Intermural Project (originally the Graffiti Code) was a cool little project that I decided to try out. Although I was enthusiastic about it at first, I realized soon after the work and dedication that would have to be put into the project itself to be sustained. I had thought that it would be self-sustaining, but it has just lost momentum. I will no longer be managing the site for the project or the project itself, but I will be keeping it just in case if I ever decide to start on it again.



If you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately, you may have noticed that I had started on a new mini-project. Every couple of weeks, I will be posting several snippets of a story that I am working on, called the Bridge Builder. It was an idea that I was throwing around in my head for a couple of months while in the shower (no kidding). Stay tuned for more. The beginning of the story is here.

Finally, I have another surprise for all of you readers the next week! It will be a… wait, I can’t say anything. It’s a surprise!

Stay tuned for the surprise next week. Until then, hold on to your pants and stay afloat!






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