The Bridge Builder Part 3

Chapter 1 (cont.)

It was a dim, white, clean hallway, not unlike what one may think of when the phrase “neurological inspection” is spoken. Several lamps were flickering, badly in need of maintenance, although John knew that the Maintenance Team had been delayed for months now attempting to fix the power outages on the Central Bridge. The floor was completely spotless, and if John were to look closer, he would have seen the reflection of a clean-shaven defined face, about thirty years old, staring back at him. He didn’t bother to, anyway. He never bothered to look into mirrors, the useless things. The NICE certainly didn’t endorse them either. They believed in concise, practical evaluations, rather than useless intangible measurements such as vanity and beauty, which were commonly believed to bog down society’s progress. It all made sense.

John’s medical room was at the end of the hallway. He was left in awe at how long the hall was and, more importantly, why there were so many doors lining the sides of the hall. Once, he had measured the amount of steps that it would take to reach the end by measuring the amount of steps in between the many doors which lined the corridor. Six steps in between each door, multiplied by twenty doors on one side. One hundred and twenty steps every seventy-seventh day of his entire life thus far.

As he opened the door towards the Medical Overseer’s office, John began to search his mind for an occasion when he had ever seen any one of the doors at the side of the hallway open. Having found none, John began to wonder about the purpose of the doors. Could one of them be the mysterious Cleaning Overseer’s office, who kept the floor waxed but of whom John had ever seen?

Before his thoughts could progress further, a dry voice interrupted his thoughts. “Friend?” uttered the voice of the Medical Overseer, “Would you mind telling me why you are here? I’m afraid that I can’t help for long; I am only allowed to allocate fifteen minutes at the most to my clients, no more.”

John emitted an internal sigh and closed the door behind him. The thoughts would have to wait.


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