The Bridge Builder-Prologue

Surprise! This is what I have been holding back on all of these weeks- an experimental series that I will be putting up (bi)weekly! Just an interesting concept that I’ve been bouncing around in my head. Have fun reading! Critiques accepted by the way.

“Don’t cross the bridge till you come to it, is a proverb old and of excellent wit.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



It was after the final Depression that they said that the world needed to change. All of it. As a whole.

Many say that the conveyor of that change was the Great Rebirth, the last and final glorious war fought for the equality of all humankind, the righteous justice that everyone so deserved. After the final Depression, many in the world were left homeless, jobless, friendless. There was a darkness over the land that refused to break. Life’s quality was low; many contemplated thoughts of suicide in order to escape.

That’s when they said that the Great Rebirth was conceived.

Led by one man, a man of great charm, power, and intellect, he led all of the people of the world to the major power centers of the world. He forced the reality on the rulers of the world and showed them that the people really needed help. The leaders criticized him, calling him a lunatic and throwing him out of society.

But he had too large a following to remain an outcast for long.

Little by little, he regained his power, called his followers back to him, and caused a world revolution. Everyone opposed the leaders. The major centers were destroyed. All order was disrupted.

And in the end triumphed that one man. The man who started it all, who pushed for equality over individuality.

This is the story of his equality. His world.

The world of the Bridge Builders.



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