The Inner Anger of Society: The Power of Love and Inner Peace

Although I may have labeled the category “Rants, Discussions, Arguments, etc.”, do I really seem that mad or furious to you? I kind of think that I tend to adopt a more “annoyed” tone at society. Not condescending. I don’t know everything about everything, and I know this fact really well.


For example, as I had typed the above sentence, I had accidentally hit the Shift and End keys on my keyboard together. I spent about three minutes looking online about how to turn off this annoying auto-highlighting of all of the empty space after my sentence that interfered with my typing. Eventually, I just started to press random buttons. And hey, it worked.

Insert, or INS, is the key that you curious readers may want to use to get out of the Shift-End post-sentence highlighting “feature”.

But the truth is that everyone has a bit of anger, caused by either stress, a pride in a belief, an obligation, etc. trapped in their minds or hearts.

Even me. So why don’t I ever sound truly “angry” or “mad” here? Simple. To keep things clean.

I may not even seem that angry in reality. I’m probably one of the happiest people that you may see. I’m the guy at the party that would drop a horrible pun or ten if I was given the opportunity. I know how to feel calm and at peace with nature (no, not meditation or martial arts of any kind, just simply feeling calm). I know that laughter is the best medicine. I play *cough* several *cough* instruments (not coughs of  sarcasm, I seriously do) to calm my mind.

Yet, there is always that one thing in life that people want sometimes. And there are always those out there who would seek to crush our dreams over and over again.

But enough of the prologue to my drama (and believe me, I hate drama used excessively).

How do you stay afloat when it seems that every time you want to do something obstacles block your way?

You’ve got to reach inside of yourself. Find your true problems. What you truly lack.

When I was a little kid, my family used to do stuff together all the time, and I used to take that for granted. Over the years, I fell into a routine of gaming, sleeping, eating and excreting all the way until around the beginning of the sophomore year of high school. I had isolated myself from my family unknowingly, and all of that childhood and love seemed to be gone. Eventually, I started to become angry for no reason.

That’s when I started to remember how we used to do stuff together all the time. I picked up a picture of me and my little brother hugging each other as little kids. I remembered thinking to myself, “Boy, there was a time when we never used to fight?”

Not us. I don’t even think that we’ve touched a pacifier…

Then I realized the true problem- me. Myself. I. The isolation and the walls that I had raised in between me and the rest of my family. My little brother had started to do the whole gaming thing with me as well. I was so afraid that it was too late to apologize to my parents, and, even worse, to guide my brother on the right path.

Family, however, stands strong. Even though the life between us seemed to be shattered on the surface, deep down my parents still loved me and cared, even through my bouts in front of the TV. They were there, and they had been there for me. Even my brother understood.

So why was I angry all the time? The answer: I was angry because of what I had done and because I, deep down, didn’t want to take the blame for all of the barriers that I had raised. I was prideful. Almost condescending. The qualities that I aimed to stay away from had become a shocking reality for me, and I didn’t want to admit that.

The true cause for your anger often lies within yourself. Sometimes you may think that nothing’s going right. Sometimes you may feel like the whole entire world’s been running the wrong way. But most of the time, if you look inside of yourself, find the places that you need help in, you can tame that anger and even get rid of it.

Find your true self. That’s the secret to inner peace. And don’t worry about that stress or others’ obligations. Just do your own thing and you’ll stay afloat.



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