“Syntax and Diction” – A Free Verse On The Spice of Life

Life. You’ve only got one. In the famous words of Drake, YOLO. And no, I will never use that expression ever again. Promise.

Life. What many have called a blank canvas. An empty page waiting to be written on. A story, waiting to be spoken.

Life. You can fill that page. Words may flow however you wish. That empty page may fill up with any number of adjectives, adverbs, articles, punctuation marks. Every sentence can be structured the same.

Life. But what if you only get one page? Would you really want all of your sentences to be the same? All of the syntax and diction to be of the same structure?

A James Jean creation.

Life. Variety is needed, because you never know when life will end. Go out there in the world, people, and discover your true self.

Self. Not the one sitting at home in front of a computer screen, television, or smartphone. One that experiences life to the fullest, encounters a variety of beautiful things and tragedies.

Life. The syntax and diction must refrain from being too similar too often. Refrain from repetitiveness.

Life. Syntax and diction.

~Jason, your friendly blog author

(Hey, it was my first shot at a free verse. Just popped into my head after hearing a teacher was talking about syntax and diction to his students. Not exactly a great poet, as writing is only one of my minor mediums of art. Critiques/compliments appreciated!)


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”- a beautiful work that was one of my inspirations.


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