The Journey Home: Recuperation

“Come back! We need you!”

Oh, how we all love to hear these five words. And so I have come back to my regular posting, with more yet to come. Sorry for missing the Monday; computer viruses and hackers make life that much more difficult for you. But I’m back.


Whenever we go on a journey, any strenuous amount of time away from our home, we often feel the need to come back, relax when the fighting’s over.

Well, the battle may not be over for me, but I know that I am getting closer to its end.


When we drift away from our loved ones, when we feel as if we are isolated, as if we are our own person, as if no one really gets us, do we really think about why others don’t get what we’re trying to say before we run out the door? Not that I’ve run away from home when I was younger, of course, but symbolically.

After that long journey into no-man’s land, we all need a bit of rest. As human beings, we all have to deal with certain amounts of stress, but sometimes, we need to just take a step back, take a deep breath, and jump back into life after a certain period of time.

But life is not always forgiving. Sometimes, life will hold you down, beg for attention, and, at the last minute, envelop you before you can withdraw. Life will always catch up to you.

Or, at least, that’s what I used to think.

Life, although it catches up to you, is not always filled with stress, pain, and obligation. Life is filled with joy and little pockets of light wherever you look. You just have to look closely.


Monotonous, dull, mind-numbing work turns us into machines, animals with no other purpose. It is because of this work and need for survival that we are often unable to see the brighter points of life. That’s why, sometimes, we need to go back home to catch our breath. During our stay at home, we can easily review our lives and think about them with a clear mind after a refreshing rest. The journey home is the journey sought after when the fight to the top is finished.

Life shouldn’t be filled with stress. The obligations that people these days set, the high standards and the need for competition- these and more I feel only contribute to unneeded stress.

Everyone should just take a day off in the world and just stop everything.

Of course, this is childish. But the childish dreams are dreams worth living for.


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