Status Update: My Life’s Getting Shelled, But I’m Alive and Well

So I know what you may have been thinking. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Well, I can truthfully tell you that I can’t reveal most of my life to you. Sorry about that.

However, I’m back! Back from another journey to Mars, back to tie up the loose ends and continue on with this blog. Back to-

You get the point.

So I’ve been going through a whole bunch of stress lately about various things. Relationships with other people (notice how I use the plural), time management, etc.

I was practically stuck in a ditch for a while, battling my fears, my troubles, and even my annoyances. All in all, everything was going great. If you call wrestling with your mind and your life great.

ww1 trench

It was a dark, intense battle. Tears were shed. Multiple feelings and various stages of anguish/sadness/disappointment were proceeded through.

I’m sure that at times, you may have felt the same way.

The times that you feel as if no one around you can help, yet you still know that they are trying to help you. That you’re just hurting your loved ones in the process. That the pain is great.

But, like always, life moves on.

As did my life. Hope soon became apparent. I found my way back to my square one, back to my starting point. From there, I rebuilt myself, avoiding previous mistakes from before. And from there came a new being. A new mindset. Practically, a new me.

No longer did I feel as if life was hopeless and my battle against society was futile. No longer did I feel as if I was drowning in a maelstrom of frenzy and chaos. I began to feel as if I could do things with whatever I had.

Hope always is there to prop your foundations back up, my friends. There will always be hope.

So here I am once again, spilling my contents of my brain into these posts. Don’t worry, I’m still here. Changes are going to be made on this blog, major changes.

For example, I will now be posting biweekly, and expect that number to go up (yippee)! Fridays and Mondays following PST, I will be posting new things, more rants, more art, more content.

Also, I will be starting to post a story that I’ve been working on in my head for a while. Expect it to be out by Tuesday, with parts released in sections.

Finally, I will try to keep to the schedule that I have proposed above, as the past few weeks have just been a jumble of things for me.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello again! Hope you readers didn’t forget about me.


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