Status Update: Week 2 of the Intermural Project

The Intermural Project website has undergone several major changes since the last time I’ve posted about it. Here’s what I’ve been doing with it.

First off, the categories on the side that led to the introductory pages of the project have, well, been turned into pages! It’s really silly that I haven’t done pages before on the site, so instead of this:



I now have placed the links in their appropriate places!




The next thing that I have done is basically remove the categories at the side, although the categories widget still shows up even though I’ve removed it. Any tips on how to turn it off can be posted below in the comments. Thanks!

Now, to go into a little bit of explanation about each of the tabs, although they should be self-explanatory.

The Intermural Project: An Overview

Should be easy enough. It’s the same about page that I had up two weeks ago when I first introduced the project on this main blog. However, expect a documentary video on this page in the near future.

How do I start?

Just as the title says, click on this page to find out how to start. Now, I know that the page has no pictures and a moderately sized wall of text. Bear with me for a little while; I am currently making an introductory video to put on the page. I really know that some of you would want to go like this (me too, at times):

Hooray, Mythbusters GIF!

Hooray, Mythbusters GIF!

I will try to get a video up soon. Because I care about you guys.

Featured Codes

As I (hopefully) gain momentum, I will be featuring a couple of codes that I have spread around. Right now, I have only featured one code from an intrepid adventurer (thank you, wanderer) that has tried out my project. She is featured right now, and you can check out her website here.┬áThis is the “front page” for the project site, the one that you see the first time you visit.

All Codes

Just like my art page, a chronological collection of the codes I have put out from top to bottom, oldest, to newest. And you can click on the images of the codes as well to be linked directly to the site/media!

Finally, I have added a background to interrupt the whiteness of the default settings, although I really think that the background is kind of repetitive. I’m not too sure; feel free to comment your opinion. Here it is, and you can see it on my art page as well:


Click on the image to go to the project site!

Try scanning it too and commenting if it works; I’m not sure if they can be, but if the codes are able to be recognized by a QR code scanner, it would be magnanimously splendid.

Expect pictures of codes in various places/forms of transport. I’ll try to be as crazy as I can without crossing the line. That’s how far I’m willing to go in order to create something new.

And expect a handful of videos of me (in first person, perhaps?) spreading the art.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted on my latest quest. Hope you enjoy!




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