Another New Project- The Intermural Project!

Remember back when I posted something on something that I called the Graffiti Code? And have you ever noticed the lack of any information about it?

Well, the project has run into some difficulty. So, I decided to expand it to cover broader aspects of art. A new project is thus born. The Intermural Project!

intermural project site cover

Click the image to go to the official website!

What is it? Consider it free art sharing, but in real life. By using the modern technology of QR codes and smart phones, you can now access art anywhere a code is available.

Artists– have you ever wanted your content to be spread, not only online, but in the real, physical world as well? Look no further- this project is perfect for you!

Everyone else– have you ever seen a QR code and wanted to scan it? Well, with this project, you’ll be able to be introduced to new kinds of art and content and get the satisfaction of scanning something!

Because aren’t you just curious to see the content that a QR Code links to?

So visit the Intermural Project site and check it out! Make sure to share it with your friends or followers!


2 responses to “Another New Project- The Intermural Project!

  1. Hi, this is Stephanie from your period. Sorry, but I had this amazing idea while you were presenting today. It’s a little late for this, but what if you titled your project “All Codes Lead to Rome”. Or something else instead of Rome. And also, what if you had some kind of promotion thing, where you post some codes that are parts of a picture, and if you get them all, you get something. Anyway, I really like your project, and I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out. Let me know if you ever need some help or something. šŸ™‚

    • Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the tips; I may do a hidden picture thing sometime in the near future after I find a cheap way to put the codes on stickers and things. As for the name, sorry, but it’s kind of a little bit late for that, but thank you anyway for the suggestion! I was going to do “Intermural” as it was a pun on “Intramural” (situated in a building but flowing outward- that’s my project) and uses the “Inter-” from “Internet” and “Mural” because this project pertains to art in general, and a mural is one type. Still, would love to give the puzzle pictures idea a try. Thanks!

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