“Do I Ever Post My Own Ideas?” Or: My Greatest Weapon

Not until now. I decided to do something different, and so now we have a new category of thought- Expression, Creativity, Ideas, etc.! Expect some of my creations to be put up. Man, I did not expect myself to make this category of thought any time soon, but now here it is. Enjoy!

The answer to the title? Nope. Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t remember/ didn’t bother to check the title. I’ll wait while you scroll up, if you choose.

Welcome back.

Anyway, I’ve been talking a lot about creativity, and so what better way to share some of my ideas than, well, sharing some of what I’m doing? Who knows, maybe this will spark something in your imagination. And no, visual art is not my main creative medium, but I tend to doodle now and then. Jot down some of my ideas.


Click for a larger picture.

As I begin to fall apart, I reach for my final weapon; my Excalibur. My creativity is my greatest weapon.

The pen (or, in this case, scissors) is mightier than the sword. Creativity trumps all aggression, even when your life falls apart. Unless if, of course, you’re facing someone in a dark alleyway with a knife in his or her hand. In that case, good luck.

But, although many people care about the physical aspect of a person, the mental and emotional life of the said person, the spirit of the individual, is undying and unbeatable. Throughout all hardship. All harm and pain.

The creative spirit lives on forever.

Why scissors? Two good reasons.

1. Scissors are a tool of creativity. They have the potential to aid in the creation of something new, or in the destruction of anything new or old. They have that power. No, I’m not a scissor fanatic, by the way.

2. They were the closest thing available to me at the time.

Scissors, and essentially creativity, helps me triumph. Creativity is my ace lead. My Excalibur.

I hope this inspires some ideas of your own.


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