Bum Rushing the Holidays Gives me New Perspectives

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I sure did. In fact, I guess I partied too hard, and I fell sick for the whole week. Sucks, but at least I got to eat turkey. Which, in my opinion, isn’t as great as chicken but has far more meat to eat and could support a feast. Well, read on!

Wow. Thanksgiving, which used to have the commercial flair and popularity that other holidays used to have, has just passed. Christmas is in three weeks. And after that, a whole new year of complaining and broken resolutions will arrive on the doorstep. Pretty soon, Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the long doldrums of summer will come to pass…

And I’m just sitting here in my lawn chair thinking, “What am I doing with my life, just sitting here? I should be creating!”

Just kidding. I am constantly creating. Everyone is. You don’t believe me? Well, you do breath out carbon dioxide, right? And you do create trouble when you try to prove me wrong by holding your breath for way too long, right? And you do create waste when you use the thing that they call the toile-

Never mind. You get the point. I hope you do.

The truth is, the holidays give me stress. Both bad and good. Why?

Let’s start with the bad.

Holiday Rushing (or: How Companies Take Money Out of Your Wallet)

Thanks to No Straight Chaser for their startlingly accurate description of Christmas in America.

Holidays used to be about the tradition. More people used to focus on the reasons that we celebrate the holidays. In today’s society, what with all of its whiz-bang technology and isolated personal bubbles created by social networking on mobile devices, no one really gives a-

You know.

Everyone just cares about getting presents, giving presents, the most hilarious advertisements for the holidays on television, etc. Not many care about the family aspect of holidays anymore. So much marketing has gone into making these holidays methods of making money that Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t really the holidays that they used to be. Everything just seems like a cheap imitation or substitute for the real thing- no true feelings really flow from the heart to the people that spend time with us. All holidays are nowadays (I feel, you can feel differently) tied with some sort of marketing campaign that is so deeply embedded into the social mind that, when describing the holidays, one cannot omit the Ford Happy Holidays Sale on trucks or the New Year’s Special at McDonald’s (don’t get me wrong, the companies are okay and I don’t hold any grudges against them).


Last minute holiday gifts don’t help either. Where’s all of the time and passion of finding or creating the perfect gift for that special someone gone? No wonder so many companies make so much money over the holidays. Impulse-buying is NOT a healthy habit.

In fact, holidays are turning into Black Fridays it seems. Either that, or Black Friday has suddenly gained significance due to economic problems plaguing America, thus making it a holiday of its own. Sad.

Well, we can’t always have negativity, can we?

The Old Regime Stands Strong! (or: How Your Grandma Probably Knows How to Dance with Santa Better than You Do)

It seems that the older generation, and some of the younger generation educated by or influenced by it, actually realize and appreciate the effort that one puts into presents, or just even spending time with the family during the holidays. It seems that the well-educated younger generation would be more appreciative of these holidays. Completely the opposite.

OK. I’m going to propose a test to prove my point. Ready? OK, here goes nothing.

What do you think of when I say the word “Christmas”?

Well, this is what I would want to see, and what those who probably know when and why Christmas originated would want to see too (those of Christian faith).


It may be small, just click to enlarge…

But here’s what really happens.


It may be small, just click to enlarge…

Sucks, right? I mean, I can kind of understand the Santa Claus thing, what with all of the Coca-Cola advertisements and Christmas specials and movies, but the emphasis on sales is… shameful.

Sorry humanity for my harsh words. You may throw me off of the fiscal cliff now.

Still, there are the minority who keep with the tradition of giving presents from the heart and taking the time off of work to spend time with family. And the emphasis on Santa Claus can be used for good. Let’s hope that the children of today’s age still believe in Father Christmas. If all they do is play Angry Birds Christmas on their iPads on Christmas morning instead of setting traps for Santa due to the fact that they’ve been told that Santa isn’t real, then there really isn’t any joy in the Christmas tradition anymore.

The Santa Claus thing can even be used for…..

*drum roll*


This is why I love the holidays. Although holidays are often used as cover for companies to make a profit, it’s amazing what new things one can see others doing around Christmas or New Year’s. Holidays should be seen not only as traditions and family opportunities, but they should be seen as creativity sources and milestones throughout the year. Each holiday you pass through is another portion of the year you’ve passed through as well. It’s good to know that the world is ever changing, because this is what fuels creativity and inspiration.

So get out there. Create. Start something new. For your New Year’s Resolution, you should try challenging yourself to change the world in some way (preferably for the better). Innovate the world. Inspire others.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get someone out there to listen to you.

Speaking of new things…

I’m starting a new, ambitious, and tough project. It’s called The Graffiti Code, and you guys should check it out. More coming soon. Here’s a cover picture for you to enjoy in the meantime.




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