Will we Ever Run Out of Good Ideas? Don’t Worry!

Phew, back. Got sick again, but I’m alright now. Sorry for the missed post last week, I’ll try not to do that a lot. All images below belong to their respective owners. I’m saying that because… well, video game corporations like to sue. So yeah. Read on.

The good thing about society: it’s always changing. For the better, or for the worse. It still changes, moves on, and reaches new heights or new lows.

But throughout society, many people have come up with new ways to make life easier. Or new things to be creative about. Whether it be in music, lifestyle, tools, whatever.

But will ideas ever run out?

The answer to that is NO.

6a00d8358081ff69e20162ffbe445b970d-800wiYou see, society is always changing. New needs and cultural elements are therefore popping up all the time. Ideas, innovations, new perspectives,  and new solutions are, therefore, always in supply and demand. You will never ever run out of ideas. In fact, you can even piggyback off of ideas that are already considered in society. And as society changes, so will the solutions.

Alas, the title does not ask, “Will I ever run out of ideas?”. The more common question that I’m hearing today is, “How do you get good ideas?”, and, more importantly, “Will we ever run out of good ideas?”

For the first question, I suggest looking at my “Help! I can’t find any inspiration for innovation!” post. If you can’t find it or are just too lazy to click the previous post button, then here it is.

The post is mainly focused on answering the second question. First of all, define “good” idea.

Basically, what people think of as a “good” idea is one that makes life easier, or one that is just plain out creative and unlike anything else. An idea that will appeal to many of the society as beneficial.

Well, think about this scenario. Picture a society in the past like one depicted in Ayn Rand’s Anthem, although less focused on the policing and controlling of people’s minds (like a newly born society). No one there knows a good idea, because all they have is what higher authorities deem as a good idea, or whatever they’ve come up with. Now, let’s say you’ve built a time machine to go back to this past society and observe what’s going on. The candle has just been invented! Plumbing has just been made the norm! Whoopee! For those in that society, that is, and not for people like you or me.

We have warm showers in every house. We use things called “light bulbs”.

So why do those people think that the candle is such a good idea?


The answer is in the social trends or patterns of the time. Basically, an idea is deemed good due to comparisons with other ideas around that time. Either this or the idea is deemed good because it uses whatever technology is available at the current time.

But technology is ever changing. So will we ever run out of good ideas?

The answer is still NO.

Unless if talking about Pokemon…

They look cute, but come on...

They look cute, but come on…

As technology expands, so will our ways of expression and innovation. Ideas that once seemed phenomenal now seem weak in comparison with what people today have created. New heights and lows are being reached. Society is therefore constantly updating itself with new ideas, creative inspiration, arts, etc.

Just check out this awesome video by VSauce about the unlimited-ness (is that a word?) of music. Expression can’t be limited!

So for those of you who are afraid of eventually hitting writer’s or artist’s block: DON’T WORRY. It’s only temporary. As things start to change, you’ll get more ideas, even if some of them are already taken by someone else. There will always be a good share of ideas for everyone. Society will keep on moving forward.

As my dear friend The Sign Painter from World of Goo once said…



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