Help! I can’t find any inspiration for innovation! Where Can I Go?

Inspiration is everywhere. Still, there are some who have trouble finding their inspiration. Seriously, you have the Internet, the whole entire neighborhood that you live in, the whole entire EARTH you live on.

How come you can’t find your inspiration?

Now, this blog post will attempt to “inspire” you to find your inspiration places. Keep in mind that you can completely ignore what I’m saying, or you can use some of this to find your very own brew of inspiration, figuratively speaking.

So, let’s begin.

I find my inspiration in many different places. Here are some places that I go to in order to find my inspiration, in no particular order. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in some of these places too, or at least some places that are similar.

1. The Beach/ Ocean


First off, if you know someone who has built something like this on a beach or better, I congratulate you. There aren’t many out there who would spend their time creating something beautiful on the beach.

Anyway, whenever I feel as if I’m running out of creativity (writer’s block, artist’s block, etc.) I go to the beach. The soothing sound of the waves, the Sun’s gentle light beating down on everything, how close I am to nature, and the people at the beach all give me inspiration. Whether it be swimming in the ocean, jogging or biking across the boardwalk, or eating at a pizzeria near the beach afterward, I usually carry home with me a few ideas to throw around.

2. The Supermarket



Yes. I am being dead serious. No comedy, although you can laugh at it if you want. Some of my best ideas come from helping my dear mother with the groceries. As I walk around the store, I pay attention to how everything comes in bright colors (the fruits, vegetables, etc.) and how varied everything is. Depending on what kind of supermarket we go to (American, Asian, Mexican, swap meet, etc.), I can take home with me different types of inspiration. Not only does the store’s content determine what I take out of the trip, but whatever conversations I overhear help me find my inspiration as well.

On a side note, how come men don’t go grocery shopping in Asian supermarkets? It feels kind of odd just walking in with my mother and having the whole store filled with women staring at you like they expect you to steal something from their carts. Either that or women who stare at you thinking, “How come my son doesn’t do that?”. Just wondering. (Now THAT was supposed to be funny. Laugh, my minions, laugh.)

3. Restaurants/Cafés


Whenever I get the chance to either eat out at a restaurant or stop by a coffee shop, I try and make the most of it. And not by mooching off of the free Wi-Fi that they so often advertise and offer in many restaurants and cafés. I have found that if you want to easily find inspiration in a public place, you should probably buy a drink or some food, sit down at a table, and open your eyes and ears to the world. Don’t just pull out your smartphone or laptop to write blog posts unless if you have an idea that you really want to put in your blog. If you’re just trying to find inspiration, however, just sit and listen to everything going on. Usually, people are interesting, and many have problems or wants that they talk about in their conversations. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go right behind a person and just blatantly eavesdrop on their conversation. That would usually end up with someone giving you dirty looks, and you would probably end up dealing with the manager. What you should do, and what I do, is relax, eat/drink whatever I have, and listen for key words that I can easily connect with. You can follow people’s conversations, even if it’s just part of a conversation. A new perspective on something can aid with your inspiration-seeking.

4. Park


Nature, I’ve found, really calms me down. Now, I really don’t want to sound like a guru, eco-freak, feng shui master, etc., but it just does for me. From nature and my surroundings I draw my inspiration. And being outside does you good too. In larger parks, there are usually rivers or lakes, which I usually go to in order to meet ducks, find my inspiration, or just relax.

5. Mall/Shopping Center



Whenever I have time, I usually go to the mall with family. When walking around, I can overhear various conversations or see various types of people. This usually jump-starts me on my inspiration when I am near the completion of a project, etc., but I just can’t place my finger on what I’m missing. The other places mentioned above can help me during any stage of the creative process, but the mall is usually where I go when I’m almost done. I find that the interesting people I see or hear and the catchy advertising slogans in store windows helps me finish up my creative projects.

So there you have it. Five of the many places that I go to in order to find my creative inspiration. As you can see, a variety of places aids me in finding my inspiration.

Now, you don’t have to go to public places such as these in order to find your inspiration. Much of my inspiration can be attributed to what goes on at home. Whatever I see on television or the Internet can help me too.

I practically searched up "the internet" on Google images, and this was my first result.

I practically searched up “the internet” on Google images, and this was my first result.

Basically, the point that I am trying to reinforce is that inspiration can be found everywhere.

You just have to be persistent and slightly shrewd in finding it.



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