“Why Can’t You Act Normal For Once?”- WHY?

For some reason I’ve been having a lot of people question me on my actions. Not serious actions. Child-like, five-year-old actions. Whenever I “act weird”, people get uncomfortable.

No. I do not have ADD or ADHD, if that’s what you’re thinking. I also am NOT acting inappropriately, that’s for sure. Rather, people often complain that I act like a three-year-old. A lot.

A question I often get whenever people see me acting like this or whenever people are just generally in the same room as me is, “Why don’t you ever act your age?”. More often than not, this question is often rephrased as “Why can’t you just be normal for once, Jason?”

Oh, how I laugh.


By the way, this isn’t me. If you know him though, tell him that he has a new fan.

Why is it a necessity to act normal? Why in the world is normality a preferred way of acting in our society today? If people know that you’re normal, why must you act like it just to prove it? It’s pretty redundant just to prove yourself right if people know that you’re right, so it must be pretty redundant to prove that you’re normal if people know that you are normal (unless if you’re an alien or something and you need to prove that you’re human in order to complete your mission. If so, carry on. You and I are similar lifeforms.)

Plus, everybody is different in some way. So why do people want to act “normal”?

When people ask me to stop what I’m doing and start acting like how a normal person would act, I often take it a bit deeper and roll that question around in my mind. What people are often trying to tell you to do when they ask you to act your age is to act like the norm. In other words, people feel secure and comfortable when you act like them. It’s like they’re afraid that you’ll undermine their cause or something if you decide to act against the normal current social patterns.

Now, I am HUGE on creativity. And I am always for questioning social patterns and acting outside of the norm. If you’ve read my post on creativity, you may have seen that inspiration comes from finding a need in society and also from acting like someone else in order to gain a new perspective on life. This is the main way on how to gain your inspiration for not only school art projects and business advertisements but for many aspects in your life as well. The joy of creativity comes from the process and the creation. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


Mostly, you don’t have to act normal, especially when younger, because age doesn’t regress. You can’t roll back time. If you want to act weird, go for it. You cam’t take back all of those frustrating minutes restraining yourself from cracking a joke or two during a meeting. You have only a certain period to act like a kid before you can’t, and that period lasts until your marriage and job interview(s). Then you have to start acting like a man.

But for now, live life. Then maybe you’ll find some inspiration somewhere.

Inspiration is everywhere.


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