Getting to Know Your Enemy: Realists are my Number One Rival

“My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘em.”- the kind folks at WordPress

“Woohoo! 5 followers! Thanks for sharing, readers! Alright, back to the serious stuff…” -Jason

I hate, sorry, don’t like people who want me to get my head out of the clouds. It’s so nice up here! Why should I want to accept reality?


Reality, my readers, is VERY harsh. It can be a serious inhibitor to our actions, our creativity, and our thought processes. Reality can influence what we think of ourselves. Reality can shoot us out of the air as soon as we start to fly.

But, reality is reality.

I recently thought of a really cool idea. What if we were able to power the world on just sound waves? That way, the greenhouse gas problem would be averted, and everyone, especially music lovers like me, would be happy, to some extent. That is, if it’s efficient.

I’ve been reading several articles on something called “piezoelectricity”, which has apparently been discovered in the 1800s. I won’t go in depth unless if my project actually takes off, but if you want to learn more, then click away.

(I am not, in any way, associated with and will not be held responsible for anything that you think is offensive on the website. View at your own risk. But, come ON. It’s a scientific article, for crying out loud.)

Basically, piezoelectricity utilizes a substance’s change in shape due to pressure waves (like sound) to create an electrical field, and electric current can change the substance’s shape.

That seemed really cool and all. But then I was informed of the implications and obligations. I would, of course, need money to fund the project. I would need a laboratory. Equipment. Things like that. Not to mention at least an intermediate level of knowledge of electricity and current, to which I have next to none.  And will the project even be feasible? Will it be efficient? What if it doesn’t work? As soon as I was informed of all of these things, I was practically shot down. My wings were filled with bullet holes, my gas tanks were ripped open, and my cockpit was practically ripped apart.

You know who you are, Mr. Gunman. Just kidding.

Still, what I often see in society is that people are usually afraid of the obstacles that impede their path to their creative paradise. And with good reason. Even I have to admit that things like money, time, and physical capability/ incapability may inhibit creative thinking.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t always have to think logically and with the norm. You don’t always have to think of all the things that could possibly go wrong in the first place. There is no need to think seriously to come up with creative inspiration or ideas. Because if you do, it limits your views to what is easy for you to do, or what is possible.

The joy of creativity isn’t in doing something easy yet new. Rarely is thinking creatively thinking easy.

The joy of creativity is in the final creation. The joy is the fact that you’ve just created something new in society.

That’s why I dislike realists.


There are three types of people who I see in the world- the realists, the in-betweens, and the innovators or “inspirators”  (not sources of inspiration, but those who act on inspiration).

I know a whole bunch of people who would think of something but then immediately think of reality’s troubles. At least they’ve thought of something. Them going towards reality so immediately, however, gives me the impression that either they’re weak or they just plainly don’t think that the idea is possible. These kinds of people are the in- betweens. If left alone, these types of people will eventually grow into one of the other two groups depending on the type of people around them, unless if they’re stubborn or like their way of thinking.

Then there are the people who just plain out love rational thinking and would consequently put all of my ideas under tunneling electron microscopes just to point out every wrong or foolish thing that I think up of. These people are the ones who, I think, have the most trouble thinking creatively. Who said that my or anyone’s ideas have to be doable? By brainstorming ideas you allow for the freedom of thinking of ideas and analyzing them later. If you ever face someone who always likes to put down your ideas or is always prioritizing the reality before the creativity, it’s best to just ignore them unless if what they say is important to you.


Finally, there are the innovators or “inspirators”, or those who seize their inspiration and attempt to create something. These people, I think, have the most hope of reaching their creative paradise. These people don’t care about the implications or obligations of their ideas until much later (procrastination!). They don’t care about what others think or say and don’t have any trouble thinking like a preschooler or kindergartner if it gives them new ideas. Only when someone shoots them down or when they realize that it is truly impossible will they stop. But then they’ll find something else to create or do.

Of these three people, I know many who are in-betweens. I know several realists whom are actually pretty nice and are easy to hang around. I know that even though it seems like I don’t really like them through my ranting, I’m actually alright with realists and in-betweens. They just rival me sometimes in creative innovations, especially the realists.

But I only know a handful of people who are either the “inspirators” themselves or who encourage others to create. I’m willing to bet that I could probably count them on my fingers and toes if I grew an extra finger and two or three extra toes or so.

Come on, society. I’d hate to sound like a demanding kid who wants his or her candy, but where’s the creativity and the people who love to create not for money or status, but instead create for their passion?

Of course, I could be wrong. But I’m just reporting what I observe with my five senses.

Creativity and the willingness to accept someone’s joy of creativity is rare these days with so much world problems going on. But why add to that depression? Go outside and fly a kite; maybe you’ll be inspired to make a portable flying machine that actually works. And that’s not one of the flying machines we have today.



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