Lives are Delicate: The Glass Jars of Creativity

Hey readers! I’m finally back from my space odyssey (phew!). I will, from now on, be posting weekly and not daily due to the fact that I have lots of stuff going on in my life right now. Stay tuned! (Did I really just type that?)

It’s been a few days ever since I got the news that a family friend of mine had passed away while fighting cancer.

I know, I know. Why did you have to start with such a downer, right? But it’s true, and I just had to get it out there.

There. It’s out there. Phew, life is tough. And short.

Anyway, I got the news as me and my mother were out getting the groceries. As we got back into the car, my mother told me that she had just received the news from our old pastor that a member of our old congregation had just passed on fighting cancer. I asked which one, and she told me who. Right then and there, my heart kamikaze’d. This woman, whom I had known for practically my entire life, had just passed away. She was a nurse, an optometrist’s assistant, and she helped me and my family through her caring for us. She loved my younger brother and I, and now she had passed away. According to my mother, our old pastor said that on her deathbed, she mentioned how she loved us for one last time.

Life is delicate.

Her son, who, luckily, is self-supporting, at least to my knowledge, had lost his father only a few years before. It was on a business trip to Vietnam when his father lay down on his bed to sleep, never to wake again. His son, our family friend’s son, had recalled, in a heartrending speech during the church service, that his father never had time to spend time with him when he was little, always too busy to be able to go outside and play baseball with his son.

And now his mother has passed on as well.

Life is short and delicate. Make the most of it, but don’t go too far. Otherwise, you may put yourself at risk. Our family friend’s son never got the opportunity to spend time with his father, and now even his mother has passed away. You never know when something unpredictable is going to happen.

broken jarI remember yesterday, in my English teacher’s classroom, I came in, and all of this broken glass was on the floor. Apparently, someone in the class before mine had just knocked over a glass jar filled with candies that was on the teacher’s desk. As I walked by my teacher, who was meticulously picking up the pieces of broken glass as to not put anyone at risk of injury when walking in the area, I offered to help. He said no. I walked to my desk, dumped my books down beside me, and I suddenly felt a strange sense of sadness. Just watching my teacher picking up all of those pieces and candies off of the floor and placing them in a spare cardboard box- the jar of candies must have been valuable to him in some way, a gift from someone close, maybe a student, maybe another friend. As my teacher was calling the janitor to pick up the glass pieces, now sitting safely in a box outside of the classroom, the thought of my family friend drifted through my mind. I began to see the connection between my English teacher’s broken gift and the life of my family friend.

Like a glass jar, life is delicate. Life can contain whatever you want it to contain, just like how you could fill a jar with whatever you so desire. The more creativity you put into your life, the more colorful contents fill your jar. However, if you are careless, or if something unfortunate befalls you, you can be at risk of ending up like broken glass on the floor. This is rare.

Before, I have said that to live out your life to its fullest, and to grow to the greatest creative potential you can ever grow to, should be your goal. I have said before that you should not worry about limits. Yet, I am writing this story of loss and sorrow. Why?

Because I want to spread one message: BE POSITIVE.


Yes, I know. Dozens of people have been saying the same thing time and time again. However, each loss wounds a person in a new place, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. That’s why the message of staying positive, ignoring all limits, and being who you want to be should be firmly rooted in your mind. You can’t always be happy; however, you can make life a little easier by smiling a little more.

Sure, my friend has just lost his two parents. But from his mistakes of not listening to his parents and his parents’ mistake of not spending enough time with him, he can children even better than his parents did. Everyone learns from mistakes.

So that’s what I’m telling you to do. Make the most out of your life. Be creative. Be strange. Leave your mark on this society somewhere. Even if people call you “odd”, you shouldn’t have to worry. These people are just trying to label you and draw you back into being just another mindless member of society. Understand the value of life. Be unique. Make the most of life; it’s short and unexpected sometimes.

Most of all, be positive. Don’t let anything get in your way. Whether it be a loss or a failing grade or anything that stresses you out, don’t worry. You should never let anything bring you down. There is enough sadness in the world- why add to it instead of being positive and fighting it?

Everyone feels depressed at times. You aren’t always alone.

Keep your head up. Be positive. Stay creative.


4 responses to “Lives are Delicate: The Glass Jars of Creativity

  1. Jason, stahp, it’s too sad. So I’ll be positive. Don’t you think it’s amazing how worked up we humans can get over the smallest of things, like stepping on a Lego™, or just eating the last cookie in the jar. But that’s what makes us human. We live to suffer, and we live to enjoy life, and realizing that is what makes us live on. This may sound cheesy in more ways than one, but I’m half asleep while studying for my AP Euro test, and I say: Go on my wayward son. (Dat reference)

    P.S FIRST POST WOOT, See ya tomorrow Jason.

    • Sure it may be sad. But sadness, I feel, helps us grow as a person to some extent. Life is full of everything you can imagine, good or bad.

      P.S. Hope you did well on your AP Euro test.

  2. Yes, I did take the time to read my cousin’s blogs, and I just wanted to say that this is great literature!!! The way you connected the broken glass jar to your family friend’s death is creative (sounds like a perfect personal statement(; ). Btw, I’m sorry for your loss… thanks for sharing cousin!!

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