Laughing At Someone’s Expense: The Barbaric Actions of Our Society

Again, my aim is not to be inappropriate. Just to provide readers with a new look at their “comfortable” society. Promise. All rights belong to Just For Laughs Gags and JustForLaughsTV. Intended for viewing only. If you are sensitive to pranks involving getting kicked in the “family jewels”, feel free to skip the video. No people were harmed during the making of the video.

When you think of humor in today’s society, what comes to mind immediately? Besides generally funny hosts, announcers, or actors? Does the above video come to mind?

It does for a lot of people. A lot of “immature” people. Especially among children these days.

Why do people make a joke out of things like this? Why do people laugh at others’ pain and expense? Do people feel comfortable putting others down, or do people nervously laugh, feeling lucky that they weren’t the victim of the “prank” or “gag”? Or do people just purely think that pain is funny, period?

It doesn’t help that videos clips with people getting kicked in sensitive areas are so widely laughed at, marketed, and decorated today. Don’t believe me? Just look at that video above. Some victims of the prank can’t resist a chuckle, and the laugh track and silly music in the background are meant to encourage people to, well, LAUGH.

Every day, at least once, I witness people “fake fighting” or recreating favorite scenes out of fighting-related clips seen on TV. After the play-fights, people often laugh it off, making it seem like it’s no big deal. This is most apparent among the children of our society, who fake fight and recreate scenes of WWE with their friends. Although these children seem to put their friends in pain (and I’ve often seen their partner giving a little wince at times when put in a “fake” headlock), it’s all part of common social humor.


Among high school students, fighting becomes more common, more reckless, and, mostly, more serious. Punches land harder, facial expressions become more serious and defined, etc. Often, teenagers today laugh at someone else’s pain, whether it be emotional, physical, or mental pain. Maybe a shy student is sitting by himself at a lunch table, isolated from others. When school bullies or the “popular guys” come over and pick on him, everyone suddenly starts to pay attention. And laugh. And not help the defenseless student.

What is funny these days? It’s just so barbaric once you view things differently. What if the student was shy because he or she had lost a parent, or a close friend, and was in a state of depression? The bully(ies) obviously harm him. However, the fact that everyone around the student is laughing at him or her does the most damage. Because when everyone in the lunchroom does it, it seems that everyone in society does it too. The student feels emotional and physical pain, and everyone laughs at him.

Maybe another student raises his or her hand to attempt to answer a question a teacher or professor asks. The student gets an outrageously wrong answer. As the teacher tries to explain the reason why the student was wrong, the surrounding classmates start to laugh and call out names. The student blushes with embarrassment and wishes that he or she was somewhere else.

How about the “strange” kid who walks around school in LARPing garb? Or the “weird kid with the hairdo” that everyone laughs at?

Now step back and look at the bigger picture. Why do kids encourage fights? Why does the majority of society think that random pain is so humorous? Because the way I see it, pain is anything from funny.

Remember when pranks and gags used to make everyone laugh? How humor only lightly insulted others without totally offending someone else? Things like pain dominate the humor scene in today’s society. Many would laugh at someone’s expense, regardless of the victim’s background. Many would encourage barbaric actions because “it seemed really funny at the time.” Does society seem barbaric enough to you yet?

That’s where you can make a stand.

Now, this may seem like a post against bullying. In a way, it is, and you can take it that way. My main aim, however, is to tell society that “pain is serious; start taking life more seriously and less as a joke.” Humor should only be things that make both sides laugh. You can help by refusing to be a part of the norm and standing out of the crowd. Find more funnier things in life rather than violence and the expense of others. Look at the world differently; you can find humor in more gentler, subtler places. Pain should not be the main source of humor.

There are some who are mature enough to consider both parties when cracking jokes. These are the wise. The majority of the norm today, however, instantaneously resorts to pain and put-downs in order to get a few laughs. That’s where society has got it all wrong.

Look at the world creatively. Look at it in a new way. Through our society’s twisted, barbaric humor, we can see things differently. Join the weird kid with the LARPing outfit- in fact, counter it with your Level 78 Wizard costume. Style your hair differently and join with the strange hairdo kid. Be weird with others, and it will seem normal soon. Social barriers have got nothing on you if you just be creative, do something interesting and memorable with your life, and see the brighter side of humor.

Even though laughter is the best medicine, every medicine can be overdosed on.



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