How to Cook the Cake of Creativity Ingredient 2: Determination and Persistence


Imagine yourself as a prisoner who is chained to an iron ball that hinders your physical capability and ability to run and escape your confinement. You live in a penitentiary that offers free food, bed, gas, water, and all of the costs of living. You as the prisoner don’t even have to work in the mines or the fields, and in return for being a good prisoner the warden protects you from all evil and harm, especially from the outside world.

Now let’s say that, one day, a stranger comes to the prisoner’s cell or living areas. After the warden introduces him to you and leaves you two alone, the stranger quickly glances around to make sure that no one is listening or looking and slyly drops a key in your hands. The key to release the iron ball from your leg. The key to free yourself from physical hindrance and captivity. The stranger whispers to you, “Beyond the darkness of the world you know lies the light and paradise.” He quickly leaves.

Would you release yourself and take a chance, enduring the hardships outside to get to this paradise? Or would you rather stay in the safety of your penitentiary, where you know that everything is good and nothing can go wrong?

Now, I know that you might hate me for this. Many people probably will. I have seen many people in today’s society be like the docile prisoner and accept the life inside of prison. Many people today don’t take risks, or don’t want to sacrifice something of themselves in order to achieve greater things. Not taking risks to find that paradise. The paradise of creativity.

So why, I ask, do many people today feel as if they can’t do anything with their lives and exalt those who seem like they can do what no one else does?

It’s time to face your fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. Pick up the key, unlock yourself from your chains, jump over the fence, and run through the valleys of darkness to the paradise of creativity.


Many people in society today are lacking, I observe, the drive to create something and the passion to keep their creativity going on. Like I said before, inspiration is just an adrenaline shot, effective to jump start creativity but temporary. What you need to truly be creative is to have “determination” and “persistence”.

Let me rephrase that. You’ll need to USE your “determination” and “persistence”.

Yes, everyone has some degree of determination and persistence, believe it or not! Why do people want to live, for example? Why does anyone want to wake up, see the sun shining on their face, and smile? Everyone has determination and persistence, but not everyone uses them fully. This is what I believe.

You may not use your determination and persistence because you are afraid of something. Maybe you are afraid of losing pride, dignity, or self-esteem. Maybe you’ll lose a friend or two (figuratively!), and make an enemy in the process. Who cares? This is a test to see who your true friends are. It’s a test to clearly see the people you are up against and who would stand by you no matter what happens. As for dignity, pride, or self-esteem loss, all three are just words that describe how you hold yourself in society. Break away from society and do something unique- these three words will then  mean nothing to you.

If you are afraid because of either a childhood trauma or event that affected you some way in your life, then I feel your pain. You have the right to completely ignore this entire post and carry on with your life. I have been in similar situations where I have been afraid or hurt. Just know one thing: life can treat you unfairly, so you have to make the best of it. And move on.

However, if you aren’t afraid, but you seemingly just can’t create something new and you give up early, you’re just lazy. Period. Hate me (I’ve said this before) if you will, but you know it. If you just can’t force yourself to create something without getting bored right away, then you aren’t using your determination and persistence to their fullest extent. It’s just like eating a great sandwich, then leaving it partially eaten on the table because you got bored of the flavor halfway through.

Get off of your gluteus maximus. Get out of that couch, turn off the game (the Angels can wait for a while) and start DOING.

Determination, according to the Merriam-Webster definition, is:

“A quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.” -Merriam-Webster dictionary definition

However, I rarely see people in society that are determined to create something new (that is, unless if they’re getting paid- but then again, you’re being creative just for money and not for the love of being unique). Everyone has it though. And it is this that allows you to keep your inspiration going even after the effects wear off. Determination, according to me, is the “motive”, “drive”, or “passion” to keep your creativity alive after it starts from inspiration.


Flugtags- the perfect example of creation from determination and persistence. Thank you Red Bull for getting me to love them.

But what is persistence? Isn’t it similar to determination?

Yes. In a way, it is. The Merriam-Webster definition says the same thing:

“The quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.” -Merriam-Webster definition

Pay attention to the part that says “difficult or opposed by other people.” Although determination puts more emphasis on keeping your creativity alive even after inspiration wears off, persistence emphasizes keeping your creativity alive even through hard times. Persistence, the way I see it, is determination through opposition, fear, common distaste, hate, etc. This is definitely what you need, especially if you have people who won’t support your creativity or you are limited by things such as money, time, pressure, etc.

Most people in today’s society simply wither under the pressure of losing status in their world. I detest that. I try to live my life fearlessly and unashamed each and every day. The want of making every day as awesome, creative, and unique as possible drives me on. Just knowing that one day I may not even be here anymore pushes me to expand my limits further than ever before. Barriers fade before me; I know that once I create something new I have upped the standard for society, even if the standard is upped by just that tiny bit.

And that’s why I’m making and writing this blog. To create something new, get my personal beliefs to readers. and possibly inspire a change in several of today’s opinions.


I hope that you readers will join me on my journey to this creative paradise through my rants, my distaste of common social thought, and discussions. Although many will hate me for not accepting the norm, I will be persistent and determined and push through. In fact, you as the reader may be hated for taking my ideas of looking at the world anew, because there are some who resist change or divergence. Be warned- I don’t want to have any of you guys chicken out on me. There will always be at least one person in the world who hates you or those like you. Get used to it.

People have often called me things like “strange”, “odd”, “crazy”, “quirky”, “random”, and, most of all, “uncharming.” I may be all of these, but I create, refuse to be stamped down without leaving a footprint on society.

I am not a hipster, because I create new things for the love of progress and originality, and not for the bragging rights of “being there first”. I may be called a revolutionary, but that just sounds too political. Heretic, extremist, radical- all sound too religious, and I do not aim to alter any religion, but just the way of looking at the world. I consider myself to be a eyeglass maker, as I aim to inspire new, original, creative ways to look at life, society, and the world today.

Because what seems odd, crazy, and uncharming at first may soon change the way society looks at the world.

Different World


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