Baking the Cake of Creativity Ingredient 1: Creativity and Inspiration


Have you ever seen someone do something “spectacular”? Or “exciting”? Maybe even “creative”? And, after seeing the person (or the group) doing this seemingly wondrous feat of magic, have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could do that!”?

I know for a fact that I always think of how cool it would be if I could, say, walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope without a safety net.

In fact, THIS guy could. In fact, he did it over Niagara Falls too. With a harness, though.

So what’s stopping me? Well, for one, I am most certainly not a trapeze artist or tightrope walker, so I would be pretty “screwed” if I was up there (assuming that I haven’t chickened out before getting on the rope). Secondly, I don’t even have enough or make enough money to even buy a Dollar Value Menu meal at McDonald’s, so how would I be able to pay for the trip out of state to Arizona? Bear in mind that I can’t even drive in the first place. Finally, walking on tightropes isn’t my passion or favorite pastime. Sure, I love how daring it is, but the danger of falling to your doom shuts me down.

HOWEVER, I can, with what I have right now in my household, make music, create art, make videos of random subjects, and show the rest of the world my points of view and my opinions on life. I have some inspiration lying around my house, a sprinkle of determination in my cupboard, some persistence in my sock drawer. Just the usual stuff needed to do things “creatively.”

Whenever you were to see someone doing something “creative” and you wish that you were able to do things like them, does this mean that you don’t have the “creativity” to do things? Do you think that you don’t have “inspiration”, “determination”, or “persistence” in your life or personality?

Of course not. Don’t think that way. Everyone else does. You don’t have to.


Everyone today has “inspiration”, the seemingly magical term used to describe how people get things done creatively (they get “inspired”). The problem is that inspiration today is so hard to come by. It’s not that people can’t think of anything new- well, in a way, it is. The media, technology, and increase in consumer-friendly products gives a wider group of people more power to DO things. As a result, everyone has the ability to create something new, so much that all of the good ideas are taken and no one can think of anything to beat them.

Or can they?

To gain “inspiration”, you need to look at the world differently, and believe me, their are as many ways to look at the world as the number of words in a dictionary and thesaurus combined, plus the number of words a person speaks in his or her lifetime, and then some- it’s just that infinite and limitless. Break away from the norm and just be somebody new. Stand out like the one misplaced children’s book in the Adult Reference library section. Sometimes people will hate you for thinking differently from them; other times, people will just ignore you, thinking that the common belief is better. Sometimes everyone will ignore you, and you’ll look like a fool.

Who cares?

Creativity isn’t an exact science or a perfect belief or anything safe. It doesn’t have a one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee. In fact, creativity isn’t a way of thinking, living, or acting. It’s not a defined philosophy- it can come in many forms, and oftentimes creativity relies on the instability or “spontaneousness” of the individual behind it. All you need to start creativity is “inspiration.”

But after “inspiration”, what next? How do you keep on going? Inspiration doesn’t last forever, you know. It’s just like a burst of caffeine- it helps you for a little while until it’s all used up, then you become exhausted, cranky, and tired.

That’s where “determination” and “persistence” come in.


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